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O-Flipper is India's leading creative design and digital agency that creates compelling and persuasive online experiences. Since the past five years, we have been pushing boundaries in web, mobile, branding and social media among others. From its humble beginnings in 2008 to its present evolution as a full service digital agency with a wide spectrum of services, O-Flipper has indeed come a long way. In such a short span of time, O-Flipper has secured a huge number of clients all across the globe from different business verticals like banking, education, hotel, Content and SEO, travel and corporate training among others.
Mandapp's Mission

Mandapp aims at celebrating the Durga Puja by reaching out to people beyond the boundaries of Bengal and by giving the people residing inside, a little more. New to the city or not acquainted with the lanes of our city? Nevermind, Mandapp provides you the map of Kolkata with every pujo out there. Share your experience of the Kolkata Pujo with friends and family abroad. Upload pictures of the best and your favourite pujos that you visit. Missing out on all the famous overcrowded one's? Not anymore check exciting pictures of pujos that others have uploaded which u couldn't visit. So, in short
  • Get directions for pujas near you, anytime anywhere. Get a briefing of the pujas nearby you can visit depending on your location
  • Upload your pictures. Share them with known/unknown people, family and friends abroad
  • Browse through the pictures of pujas you couldn't visit, even after the celebrations are over

Meet Our Team

Kingshuk Chakrabarty
Software Developer / Backend Developer / UI Developoer

Anasua Saha
Software Developer / Backend Developer / UI Developoer

Rajarshi Lahiri
Junior software Developer / Data Handler

Arkapravo Majumdar
Junior software Developer / Data Handler

Ritoja Adhikary
Software Developer / Backend Developer / UI Developoer

Sanchari Bhowmik
Sketch Artist

Arvind Chakrabarty
Software Developer / Concept Artist / Data Handler